Thursday, September 18, 2008

Soap for Artists

I’ve made SOAP for ARTISTS! And I’m nearly giddy with delight over all these colors!! So my product line already had most of them, I just made up a number of new kinds to fill out the line and gave them all oil paint names. For example, my Jasmine Clementine is now Cadmium Yellow Lemon. And my Lapis Blue is now Ultramarine. Yeah! I love color! And I love making soap! So this is right up my alley! I think this is a perfect product line for the art supply shop around the corner from my studio!

So here are the color names: Naples Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Japanese Yellow Orange, Cadmium Red, Crimson, Magenta, Permanent Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Turquoise Blue, Armor Green, Chrome Green Medium, Chrome Green Light, Golden Ochre, Red Oxide, Mars Black, Vandyke Brown, Flesh, Titanium White

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

***Special Edition Benefit Soap Sale***

In between a bathroom renovation and everything else going on around here, I’ve continued to make some soap! A friend suggested making a special edition soap as a fund raiser for our adoption and as it turns out… I liked the idea so much I made three kinds. I’ve made these in 3 ounce bars ripple cut, so it’s about three times the size of my guest bars. So here are the Special Edition soaps that benefit our adoption fund:

The Colombian Flag bar is Raspberry Noir, Lapis Clove and Jasmine Clementine from my regular product line. So depending on where you smell – you get a different fragrance. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but as it turns out - I LOVE it!

Continuing in the colors of the Colombian flag, this Colombian Confetti is a mix of fragrances. Blueberry, cherry and white grape are rounded out with creamy cheesecake. It’s a rich fruity yummy fragrance treat that changes as the soap is used.

Finally, this one isn’t in Colombian colors, instead it is “Shenandoah Mystery.” This soap is inspired by the changing colors of leaves in this area in the fall. The soap is made up of tiny cubes of a variety of soaps and scents in a vanilla base. This bar will smell different depending on where you sniff and what scents have come to the surface with use.

For a limited time, make a donation of any size using the “donate” button on the side bar and request the kinds and quantity of these Special Edition soap bars that you’d like and I’ll ship them right away. There will be some variation from batch to batch.

In addition, we plan to move the studio some time this year (We are looking forward to MUCH more room!) and when that happens we'll be out of production for a while. Place your orders now to make sure you get yours before our moving date. :)

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