Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Blog Post That Saved my Life

If you are a woman facing surgery, then there is a story you need to read.  I read these words ages ago, and when I was in a hospital bed they came back to me.  I could tell that something wasn't right after my surgery.  I remembered her exhortation that no one knows my body like I do... and therefore I need to be proactive if I feel something is wrong!

Patricia Volonakis Davis
Read her (life saving) story, it may come back to you when you need it!
The amazing Patricia and her (wowza!) son Niko

I followed her advice and sent my husband to repeatedly "bother" the nurse until they understood what I was telling them.  As soon as they understood, there was a team of people working on me to get the bleeding stopped, I was taken back to OR to get things squared away.  Now I am recovering quite nicely.  

I looked up the blog post that had been in my mind as that was all happening and re-read it.  Her story could have been mine if the situation had gone unchecked.  (But with as dramatic as things got, that seems unlikely.)  I'm just REALLY REALLY grateful today for a great team of Doctors at UVA and people who were able to be there when I needed them.

I don't share this story to scare anyone.  Fear is of little use in times of crisis, when I was in the middle of the situation I can honestly tell you that I had no fear at all.  I knew the doctors would figure it out, I knew my faith and trust was in Jesus.  I also knew I needed to do my part by speaking up, by being a bother!  In the end, we are all our own *Primary* health care providers, *WE* are the ones who have to speak up when we feel things going wrong.  Then sometimes we need to let go and let ourselves be taken care of. 

I am very grateful today.  My story may be a tiny bit similar to Patricia's, but on the other hand mine was caught right away.  I didn't have nearly the blood loss that she did, I am only a tiny bit anemic and I am recovering steadily.  Four days later I am really doing quite well!  I am very grateful indeed.

Being PROACTIVE (and a bother) and perhaps even impatient,
(But alive and kickin)
-Carmen Rose


  1. So glad your hubbie there for you and through him were able sort it out. Its good to hear you are well on the mend. Floradix is veggie/floral iron supplement (one my sister, friends and I've taken in pregnancy) and not as nasty as iron tablets which will hopefully cure the anemia.

    Mean while get well soon and I look forward to you being up and about and inspiring us all again with your creative activities.

  2. Oh my goodness. I'm so glad it all ended well. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  3. Pro-active. Pro-active.
    I've learned a little about that this past eight months with my husband's recent experience.
    I had to be assertive to get his recovery to the point I thought it could progress to. [poor sentence structure]
    I know things now that I had no idea how to deal with.
    **if someone falls during their hospital stay insist upon a complete MRI or in case of a pace maker in place at least a dexiscan to find ALL RECENT injuries. Don't rely upon a few x-rays.
    ** be active in their recovery in regards to medications - painkillers
    ** take part in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy sessions to become familiar with what is being accomplished.
    I am so glad to hear that you are in charge of your life and did what needed to be done.
    Now, you're moving right along to get back into your life.
    Hugs and more Positive Thoughts for ya ♥♥♥♥

  4. O my goodness Carmen. Eek. O boy.
    I am so glad you are smart and got the attention you needed at the moment you did. PTL

  5. Holy Moley! Glad to hear everything came out ok! Thank goodness for blogging, they're so useful!

  6. Carmen! You have been through it woman and you are helping so many by paying it forward!

    Thanks for being a blessing during such heinously difficult times.

  7. So happy to hear you are now on your way to a great recovery. That was fabulous how you kept your cool and knew to keep demanding something was wrong.

    Now keep moving in the right direction and get back to normal to enjoy spring!


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