Monday, April 5, 2010

A Quilt for a Cause

These photos just came from my in-laws. I designed this quilt ages ago, I cut and designed it, my MIL did the sewing, it was hand quilted by the Mennonite women of my MIL's congregation and it will be sold at auction in Sept 2010 to support the work of Mennonite Central Committee. I can't wait to see it in person, but for the moment these photos will have to do. It's king size, four colors. White, light pink, dark pink and black, all commercial cottons, pinwheel pattern.  It's draped over their double bed.
And while I'm at it I'll show the other photos my MIL included. This is a small quilt. I think my husband's grandmother embroidered the blocks (not sure on that) I found some colors in my MIL's fabric stash to make the sashing. My MIL sewed it all together and look how it turned out. There is a photo of her working at the hand quilting, I don't know if this is in progress or if she has finished it.  If it isn't finished, it will be finished soon because she'll be ready to get out in the garden.
 It's fun to see how things turn out when you are part of the team that creates something.  I'm planning on being there in September to see the auction, I've never had a quilt in the auction before and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

On the home front, I continue to improve physically.  I feel stronger each day, I'm off the narcotics and moving around - maybe a tad slowly - but I'm moving.  The parade of food from family and church friends has our fridge full to the gills, I put a bunch of stuff in the freezer this morning because were were running out of room.  It was warm here today and I spent much of the afternoon on the couch with a novel.  Tomorrow?  I want to finish that novel!  Sounds like a GREAT plan!

Happy Creating (or happy novel reading)
-Carmen Rose

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  1. Hope your health continues to improve. Best to you.


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