Friday, April 30, 2010

Randy Shenk, Liturgical Artist

I wanted to show another piece from Randy's exhibit Sunday.  This one is a fountain and it is very cool.

The sign to the side reads: "Handwashing. At this station enjoy the ancient ritual of hand washing (cleansing) as you feel the cold water and hear the sound of running water. Or... experience serving by asking a friend if you can wash their hands." This sculpture is located near the door of the sanctuary and people stop there on the way in. A few nice white fluffy towels are provided.

The fountain itself is a pair of hands with the water coming from them and through the fingers to the chunks of marble in the bowl.

I love the way this is such a multi sensory piece. It's a sculpture of metal, but there is the water element that makes it even more tactile, then of course the sound of running water. I works beautifully as liturgical art, designed to enhance the worship experience. I just think it's VERY cool!

I find myself struck on many levels by this kind of work and I'll keep sharing different pieces with you as I get the chance. I'm a fan!

Happy Creating!
-Carmen Rose

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