Monday, April 26, 2010

Trying to Find my Groove...

I had begun to wonder if my creativity had gone on vacation without me... I was really struggling to get back in the studio.  I wanted to sit on the sofa, or perhaps clean out my fridge, do the laundry and make my kitchen sparkle... but I was having a dickens of a time doing *anything* at all in the studio.  However, getting back into the swing of things is not optional as I have a one woman show that I need to go hang on Monday the 3rd.  Time is ticking away.  Thankfully I was able to look through some of what I have created in the last year and see some things that I wouldn't mind sharing with the public, so that took some of the pressure off.  I still have time to churn out a few things... so I'm hopeful that I can pull this one out of the hat.  We'll see.

Saturday, in between all the housework, I forced myself to spend some time in the studio. It was an exercise in futility as I created this piece.
Only one little problem: I hated it.

I came back to the studio this afternoon looking for redemption I suppose... and ripped apart that thing and created this pair instead:
Much better. They are not quilted yet, but I'll get there.

I saw these at the store and picked them up:

The part where the cheesy photographs are is raised, and I think it will give the quilts a bit of a dimension and yet they are still are covered with glass.  I shall take them apart and place my quilts in there instead of the photographs and put them all back together.  I think it will work, we shall see.  It's always an experiment around here.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes not so much.

Physically I am still struggling to get my strength back.  For the past two days I've been back on some pain meds because I've overdone it a bit.  It just seems that the ol bod is not ready for me to get back to work, and yet my one woman show is there on the calendar... and I feel the demands of putting together a good show.  Soo... I work some and rest some.

It felt good to create something after at least a month out of the studio.  My surgery was the 31st of April and I wasn't putting out much of anything for quite a while before that.  With my choice to end the adoption process and then surgery and everything else, I sat down the other day and wondered why I felt so tired and then had to laugh at the very question!  Why am I tired?  G, I wonder!  Once my show is up maybe I can give myself a few vacation days where I'll do nothing but read a book cover to cover.  Or get an appointment with my massage therapist or something, that sure sounds nice!

My grandmother was known for mispronouncing some words.  When my aunt was recovering from back surgery, she was back to work fairly quickly and Nannie often said that if she didn't take it easy that she would become an "envelope."  The word she intended was "invalid" but she always pronounced it "envelope."  No worries, I shall push myself here and there, but certainly not to the point that I become an "envelope!"  Though if you want to wrap me up, stamp me and ship me to Costa Rica... be my guest! 

Just trying to find my groove,
-Carmen Rose

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