Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Art of a Woman (and more)

I just came across this photo today. I got it from one of the models for "The Art of a Woman" project, it had been given to her by the photographer.
This event was back in March, but it's cool to still be getting photos and things from participants. At the end of the evening, all of us got in the display window for a finale. Up to that point there was one model per picture frame, this time we did the "birds of a feather" together in the front corner, the four seasons (I'm Spring on the left) in the large frame and then the other two in their own frames. It was fun to look out and see some familiar faces in the crowd on the street.

The recovery process is coming along nicely. I'm in absolutely no pain, just struggling to get my strength back.  I'm struggling with the anemia and today was a busy one, so I'm feeling it tonight.  I'm also finding myself more and more irritated by the "no driving for four weeks" rule and I'm only two weeks out. I'm thinking tomorrow might find me behind the wheel. The hubs is always gone, and I have cabin fever. So... maybe tomorrow.

I feel like I missed Easter this year.  Spring time seems strange without an Easter service, a meal, something special.  I had just gotten out of the hospital and wasn't up to going to church. I like watching the children at church, all dressed up in fluffy confections and mini suits.  I like the somber candlelight service on Good Friday contrasted with the bright flowers and joyful qualities of the celebration on Sunday morning. A friend had these Easter Lilies dropped by yesterday, so today it felt like a little bit of Easter had come to my house. What a blessing!

Finally, I wanted to show some of the thank you notes I've made.
They are really easy, just a bit of gauze, a band-aid and some red card stock. It turns out looking a bit like a bow, only medical looking. I made enough of these to thank the folks who brought meals. I think that's the coolest thing, to take a meal to someone who is recovering. What a blessing!

I finished taxes today, what a chore!  So glad to have that done!  And I picked out fabric for a small quilt, that was fun.  I need to get back in the studio if I can get my body to cooperate.  I have a one person show at the end of the month and so I need to get crackin!  So... I think my vacation is coming to a close.  It was fun though.  I especially enjoyed reading, it's been years since I read for pleasure.  One wonders why we allow some of those small pleasures to slip through our fingers from time to time.  It's a good reminder of the need to slow down and enjoy a book from time to time.  That's a good thing.   

Happy Creating,
-Carmen Rose

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