Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flowers for Carmen Rose

The doorbell rang, I made my way to the door and Ted handed me these glorious flowers this afternoon:
Ta Da!  (Well... he didn't include those dogwood trees in the background, he he!)
God was just showing off when He made stargazer lilies!

They are from my boss, Hugh. What a lovely gesture. And since I recently purchased lilies from Ted, he knew what flowers to include. They are (I'm sure it will be no surprise to anyone) my very favorite color in the whole wide world! And now they are on my dining table. I think they were made for that spot with my quilted table runner.

It's funny how little it takes to please me. Flowers just tickle me no end! I'm even giving some thought to putting in a rose garden. All the shades of pinks, fuchsias and magenta, no red. I think that red roses are often too dark and overbearing, the pinks and whites are often much more beautiful.

I sometimes treat myself to flowers, I think it's a wonderful self-indulgence.  I bought these pink roses about seven years ago and happened to get this photo of one of them.  I think this is just about my favorite flower of all time.  I am Carmen Rose, this is my color, my flower.  My brother was five when I came along, he wanted me to be called Rosie (Randy & Rosie) but my parents already had my first name picked out.  Their best friends had already used the names they had chosen (Carmen Joy) so they made Rose my middle name.  
I remember the rose gardens on the farm where I grew up, there were so many pretty varieties. Even one small bush that bloomed lavender roses, my Mom's favorite color. Ah well... maybe one thing at a time. Digging flower beds is not on my list of things to do right now.

Each day I continue to improve. I'm off the pain meds completely. The bruising around the incision is gone and I have one big whopper of a bruise on my arm from an IV attempt, the rest are barely visible anymore. The anemia is the worst part right now I suppose. My old sleep patterns are back, which is not really a good thing. Physically, I'd have to say that it's hard to believe five days out from major surgery I no longer needed pain meds!  I am on day eight now and amazed to be feeling this good! I am really grateful. There have been a lot of people praying.

-Carmen Rose


  1. I'm with you on those Stargazers!
    Love love love your new layout. Much better and easier to read for us with mature eyesight. And of course BIGGER photos. Yay!!

  2. The picture of flowers look wonderful on your blog. Oh NO!!! I have to stop looking at all this gorgeousness...I want it all!

  3. Carmen,

    Consider asking for an iron supplement called Chromagen. It's a bit pricey but it works really fast (sadly, I know from firsthand experience) and is much more bio-available and non-constipating than many other iron supplements.

    Another helpful trick is combining your iron rich foods with a food rich in Vit C--they work together.



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