Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rainbow Progress

These are the first three in the ROYGBIV series, magenta, orange and yellow.
So I finished up the green one and started getting a little bored.
So instead of moving on to the blue (cyan,) which would have been next, I jumped to the violet on the end. And instead of straight stripes, I started into a very fractured section of fabrics going every which way. It made the project interesting all over again.
Then I moved back to the Indigo one, where I blended the fractured stuff with the straight stuff for an interesting mix of shapes.
Finally I moved back to the cyan where I moved more back to the stripes but kept a bit of the fractured look. So one end of the series will have more of the striped look and the other end becomes more fractured as the series progresses.
I'm into the quilting now and this could take a while. I'm also thinking about my living room walls and what color the walls should be to show these to their best advantage. I've got a stack of paint chips, I'll figure it out.
The only furniture in my "living room" is an upholstered bench and a bunch of gallery pedestals for art glass left over from when I was a gallery owner. Living rooms tend to be a little useless, when we hang out we're in the family room where the fireplace and piano are. So we might as well enjoy the living room as a gallery space. I will look into some gallery lighting and see if I can add that to my hubby’s to do list while he has the summer off from teaching. I would love to replace the blue carpet with hardwood but that’s not really the top priority while we're raising money for our adoption. (I’m just grateful that the carpet is not mauve ~ I really really hate 1980's mauve!) So I'm off to do some more quilting and see how this series turns out. It's all about real saturated lusious color and I can't wait to hang these on my wall, light them up and stand back to enjoy them. Yes, yes, YES!


  1. Absolutely luscious! The fractured pieces add a wonderful new dimension and interest to the series. I don't blame you for wanting to hang them and light them up. I would too!

  2. Just FABULOUS, Carmen!!! Yum-yum-yum!!

  3. Yes, yes indeed! These are just beautiful.

  4. Love the colours - gorgeous!


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