Monday, November 2, 2009

It's that time of year!

I love black and white movies with the beautiful clothing and women with curves and eyelashes. What a dramatic pose with Cyd Charisse.Hats with little veils are very cool also, and also feathers. I like the almost bare looking makeup with lovely lashes.
And this Agnes Morehead photo is the reason I love black and white so much, the lighting is perfect and her eyes are incredible. The hint of a smile and ever so slightly raised eyebrow gives the look some personality, maybe a hit of challenge.
This is Louis Brooks with the boxy cut, smokey eyes and little doll baby lips. She looks sad to me, I think it's the eyebrows and the vantage point of the camera.
This isn't an especially vintage shot, but I found it very striking in pure black and white. Her cut is extremely blunt but that adds to this ultra precise look. Of course this look could be created in photo shop where all the stray details could be edited out.

I was invited to a costume party and with these images in mind, I decided that I wanted to go as a character from a black and white movie desperately trying to make it into the world of color. That was mainly because I had some great accessories in a beautiful shade of crimson, a scarf, earrings, and matching nail polish and lipstick... all of that was stuff I had on hand. I dyed the scarf and made the earrings recently (there will be a post on those earrings coming soon - promise.) Hubby was nice enough to snap my photo before I left (and before I put on the crimson lip color.) Now that's pale!

I had to take one shot inspired by the woman with the hand over her eye. I thought the vintage glove with the ice rink was a nice touch. You can see that the white from my skin has worn off on the dress at the neckline.

I started out with mineral makeup ingredients, mostly titanium dioxide which is much nicer to the skin than clown white. It stayed put pretty well actually, I didn't notice the color sifting or rubbing off, I was pleased.

I used spray color to take my hair black but didn't do a great job covering my skin and didn't get great coverage but that spray color is nasty stuff so I didn't mind much. I ended up needing to take off some of the white and patch the blotches from over spray... note to self: do the black hair first... THEN the white skin.
Glad to see October come to a close and it's time to see what November has to offer.

I spent part of the day at double tech for a local stage production of "Tuesday Mourning." I'm one of the makeup crew for a very small cast, nothing challenging but I'll enjoy getting out and about each evening this week.

BTW, this is post #198. To celebrate my 200th post I'll put a few things together to give away in my 200th. "Followers" of my blog are eligible to win, just click the link at the right and you'll be entered in the drawing.

Thanks for dropping by and checking out my blog. You never can tell what I'll be creating tomorrow. Peace and Creativity to you all, and goodnight.

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