Sunday, November 29, 2009

Community Bazaar

Photos from the holiday show. My booth had painted art glass and hand made soap:
Dichroic glass pendants:
Hand dyed silk scarves, cut velvet scarves and cut satin scarves blowing in the wind:
Some quilts around the edges
And lots and lots of sunshine! Yay for sunshine, otherwise the cold would have gotten me!
It was a good day, lots of people came through and a few friends dropped by to say hi. Our local paper sent a reporter and he quoted the most mundane thing I said and they ran photos of board looking venders. Oh well. We set up at 7 am and went home at about 4:30 pm, it was a long cold day but worth it. I went home and curled up under lots of blankets, happy to be in out of the cold!

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