Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Freedom Quilt 3 ~ Hand Dying Fabric

It's day three of the Freedom Quilt project, it's time to dye some cotton, ya'll! And I'm pretty excited, I always love this part!  Playing with color is my thang!  I started by mixing dyes, dying small samples to see if I could manage to get the colors I was looking for.  I was working with primary colors though I did use some orange, and I also mixed up some black for adding some tonality to colors.  It's not easy to tell if the colors are off at this stage, but once they come out of the dryer there is no doubt.  There is a learning curve!!
I started out with the first ten containers.
Then closed them, made some changes to each bottle of dye and then added dye to the second set of ten.
This is why I call it hand dying... because even with gloves, I will certainly turn colors!
Forty containers, forty yards. 
All that glorious color hidden in there...
No idea which ones are going to work out beautifully and which ones I'm not going to like...
Forty containers of infinite possibility.
Before long I'll send these through the wash and begin to see how they turned out.  Anticipation is part of the fun!  Day three of the freedom quilt is complete.

Happy Creating,
Carmen Rose

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