Monday, January 17, 2011


Giggles are like Snickers... only MUCH better.
Nutella Fudge, Dulce de leche caramel

With sea salt and toasted hazelnuts

Add nougat made with marshmallow fluff.
Cover with another layer of fudge.
Carefully cut into squares once it has cooled. 
I had trouble with this because the stuff tasted SO GOOD!
I kept getting sidetracked by eating.
Dip each square in chocolate.
Package to give.  Most of them I put in small cupcake papers and into gift boxes.  Some went on mixed plates of Christmas treats to take to parties.
They really were amazing and became the hit of every party I took them to over the holidays.

Happy Creating,
-Carmen Rose


  1. They look AMAZING. Well done :)

  2. omg. Carmen, what IS it with chocolate?
    I have been buying wholesale chocolate to begin another little endeavor also.

    I have everything I need; the molds the recipes the want to.....

    i'm just afraid to get started because my soap business is finally starting to take off and i am so afraid of my ADD RIGHT BRAIN side which gets so bored and always screams for diversion.......

    It's the old if You're An Artist You Can Do All Kinds of Art thingy again.......

    How have you been?

  3. your blog is too yummy! Can you share recipes too? drooling in MT :)

  4. Do you have the recipe for this one? I can definitely see me making this soon.


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