Friday, April 29, 2011

More pieces of the Whole

Here's a fun one, I haven't finished the quilting on this one yet but I like it so far.
And what about this one?  Another cheerful little confection!
 Here are some of them on the design wall together:
I've finished up a pair of purple 12x12's.  This pair has hand dyed white on whites, hand marbled fabric, and some commercial batiks.  Machine pieced, machine quilted.
And after they go through the laundry they are nicely crinkled up, then framed on 12x12 canvas stretchers.
And the second one in the pair:
I added some storm tossed pieces to these, the purple in the shells seems to go nicely with the purples in the pair.
A particularly interesting shell for this one:
And a row of five shells for this one:
It's all about the details in this series.  I am having so much fun making these, does it show?

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Happy Creating,
-Carmen Rose

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