Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update on the pieces

I've been in the studio creating all kinds of fun stuff, having the time of my life!  I have REALLY been neglecting my blog, I struggle to find the time between my three jobs and trying to get ready for my featured artist exhibit.  However, I do love sharing the joy in the journey with you folks, so here goes.  I can't wait to show you some of the pieces coming out!  Here is one of the first sets I created:

This shows the pieces just after they were pieced:  First this one,
 And then the matching one.  This one has some of my favorite hand marbled fabric in it that I created ages ago.  It was so fun, I need to do that again!  These pieces include some hand dyed commercial white on white, hand dyed fabrics and batiks.  And the hand marbled fabrics as well.
 I quilted them on the machine and then tossed them in the laundry. 
 I love that washed crinkle texture!!  Then I framed them up on 12x12 canvas stretchers.
I added some details, this one has a pair of rings.  One says "316" on it, so I've titled it "316."
This one has a gasket that I found in the parking lot, a washer from a trip to the junk yard and a lovely new washer from a trip to the hardware store.  These little details please me very much!
And finally, here they are, the pair of them!  I can't tell you how much I love my job!
I'm doing exactly what I love the most!

My kickstarter project was stuck at 21% funding for a few days.  Today it bumped up to 22% and that made me very happy!  Learn the story behind the series and give me a good SWIFT KICK.

Very Happy Creating to you and yours,
-Carmen Rose

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