Monday, July 21, 2008

Soap Chemistry

Today I have been experimenting with some natural plant products that I’m planning to use to dye my soap. I’ve been toying with sandalwood, rosehips, henna, kelp, indigo, alkanet, chamomile, madder and pau d’arco. I spent a number of hours trying to track down something called Ratenjot that doesn’t seem to be available for sale in this country and is really expensive to have shipped here. I also have a few other plant items including ultramarine blue coming for more experimentation later - that stuff is expensive!! I feel like the mad chemist - this is so fun! I’ve also done quite a bit of research on some natural plants to use as skin care additives. I’m learning so much! This is all work toward a product line of completely natural soaps with natural essential oils (with healing qualities,) natural colorants and other skin pampering and healing additions in natural soap. By the time this product line is complete, it will be a full line of natural soaps in a whole rainbow of earthy colors - each with a specific skin healing quality. I love my job!

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