Thursday, July 10, 2008

King Sized Project

It has been a busy week here. Some wholesale and internet orders really pushed me on Monday. And I have a big show Saturday so we'll see how that all comes together. This weekend I'll be showing quite a combination of work including art glass, photography, garnished poems, jewelry, soap and some fine art prints. The combinations of the different art medias are fun because I love color and the displays tend to be drenched in delicous colors, full of vibrant life. I love it!

Speaking of vibrant colors and full of life... Over the last two days my mother-in-law and I have pieced a King size quilt. It will be quilted by the ladies of her church and then sold at auction to raise money for the relief efforts of Mennonite Central Committe. A few years ago Sheril said she'd like to make one for the auction and I chimed in and said I'd be delighted to help. A year ago we picked out the fabrics and when I saw them again I remembered why I loved them. This year we pulled out the stack of fabric and my old drawing and from there emerged a quilt top that I am really happy with. It is our habit for me to design and cut the quilt, for Sheril to sew and for a third person to iron. I'm usually quick enough to keep the other two consistantly busy and hopefully on track with sewing the right parts together. And in this orderly fashion we can quickly finish complicated projects. This time we didn't have the third person and we both ironed at times but it still went very quickly and the quilt top looks great. I'll post photos when I get a chance but for now you'll just have to take my word for it.

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