Saturday, July 19, 2008

Squeek my Rubber Duckie, I'm in Soap Heaven!

Soap, soap and more soap! I've been busy in the studio this week and here are a few of my newest soaps! First, one I'm calling Lapiz Clove that is inspired by Lapiz Lazuli, a cobalt blue stone with gold flecks in it. The soap has gold leaf in it and has Eucalyptus and Clove oils which is really a marvelous heady scent. The second one is "Magi" which is a combination of Gold leaf, Frankincense and Myrrh, plus some other marvelous spices. It's spicey with just the right amount of sweet. These are the "cool cats" of the collection: The pale green is Ginger Lime, the brighter green is Lime Basil with basil in the soap. There is a turquoise inspired soap in a sweet spicy scent and Robin's Egg which is a combination of evergreens and some exotic spices/floral notes and poppy seeds for exfoliation. The purple is Amethyst Lilac which is a lovely Spring floral. And finally a classic Lavender Vanilla with lavender buds in it. I'm lovin it!
I call these the "whisper colors." Ginger Lime is also in the above photograph and on that is Fresh Linen. The barely there peach is scented with a combination of coconut with citrus and spice notes that I just designed this week and I call it Caribbean Coconut. It's yummy! On that is a pale yellow honeysuckle, a lovely fresh clean Spring scent. The white/cream combination is Sweet Almond which is what you'd expect with a touch of nutmeg that really is marvelous, and there is oatmeal for exfoliation. Finally, Yellow Rose Mint is a lovely fresh floral/minty scent that I've worked on for some time. It has green tea and callendula petals in it for added skin pampering texture.
Here are three from the Soap Stone collection... more like jewelry soap I suppose. The first is Turquoise Spice, Lapiz Clove and Amethyst Lilac. These are so fun! I guess my jewelry designer background is coming through.
Almond Blossom is the layered pink soap, Robin's Egg is the blue with a combination of evergreens and some exotic elements. The green one is Lemongrass Sage and has proven to be a favorite with my clients. And finally the classic Lavender Vanilla.
Jasmine Clementine has calendula petals in it for a lovely golden amber color. The floral citrus in this one is especially nice. The lime basil is mentioned above. And finally the best selling Raspberry Black Pepper is my personal favorite. Raspberry is usualy a bit to sweet, but that unexpected hit of Black Pepper just makes this one sing. I sold out of this one at the show this morning.
Turquoise Spice and Ocean Coral. The Ocean Coral is a seascape fragrance with a hint of spice. And it happens to match some coral I had on hand perfectly.

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