Monday, September 21, 2009

New Favorites

These are the latest ones out of the kiln. I'm learning some things and the experiments continue. I like these organic shapes and the layers of color and shining colors in the dichroic glass really tickle me. I am coming to realize that this work covers my favorite things about creating: color, light and beauty. This media has all that plus the element of the unexpected because you never really know what is going to happen once you close the kiln door!
My adventures with fused glass continue. These are my current favorites, at least until I see what comes out of the kiln tomorrow.

Pink is one of the harder colors to come by when shopping for glass jewelry so I did these four at the request of a friend. They really to play in the light. I am also going to need to do some research on how to photograph them because it's not easy trying to capture the light and movement these things have in person. I wonder if it can even be done.

*pendants are all $20 each and orders over $100 get free shipping! So order now for everyone on your Christmas list!!*
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  1. They are all just beautiful!!

  2. Top photo, left pendant is NFS. Also, the same one is pictured in the middle photo over the quarter. Not for sale. The rest are still available until they find gallery homes.


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