Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Find!

A friend of mine came across this, don't ask me how:

It's a blog in Russian discussing three necklaces, the first one shows is a necklace I made in 2005 that won some awards and was published in a variety of adds and catalogs by the good folks at Fire Mountain Gems.  It was FUN to get this link from a friend and realize they were talking about my work.  Some friends and I tried a variety of online translating services and from those we were able to piece together the general idea of the text.  I don't speak Russian but the general idea of is some rather nice compliments about the work and then the comments responding to the blog are even more lovely compliments.  

The second necklace shown is one that bears a striking resemblance to mine, same materials and colors.  This work was made in 2009 by Natalia Walton.  I think it is lovely!  

Anna, a friend who speaks Russian (along with a couple other languages) said this about it:

Hi, Carmen, I read all that comments, in all of them, commenters just admires how beautiful they are, mostly pointing on the first one. One person was asking how she can get them, . The other person answered. You should ask Carmen Sh... M...  I like how they describe your designs. They are using very beautiful words describing them. There was one person who said , she has in her mind to make one like this for herself. The other answered It's OK if you do just for yourself. The first person replied "Anyway it will turn out differently"

Another friend checked with someone with a BA in Slavic Linguistics who summarized:

She's talking about how she often looks at the website and how she doesn't like to close the window and how she always wants to buy the jewelry because of the colors, etc.

Compliments are fun in any language!  I am very grateful!

What a lark!

Happy Creating,
-Carmen Rose

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  1. Have I mentioned recently how captivating this necklace is? You have such an incredible gift, my lovely friend!


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