Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hand Dyed Wearables

I wanted to share some photos of the new skirts, scarves and handbags that came from Studio B.  I've moved to a new house since making these, so once I get settled into my new digs I'll be showing you new stuff.  Stay tuned, but first:  The SKIRTS!

Each of these color sets features a long skirt, a short skirt both in Rayon.  Then there is a silk scarf and a matching small purse in cotton.  The different fibers take the colors slightly differently, which makes some interesting effects.  This first one I call "Spring" and it's a combo of turquoise and lime graded platter dyed.

I call this set "bluebird."  Now the colors don't really match a bluebird, but that was the inspiration for the combination of colors.

This set reminds me of the sky at dusk, so I've named this colorway "Dusk."

My Mom loves to wear lavender and a pale lime green together and it's a charming combination.  These colors aren't quite true on my monitor but maybe it looks ok on yours.  I call this set "Violet Blossom."

This is one example where the silk and the rayon took the color differently, very little of the black actually came through on the scarf but they'd still be beautiful worn together.  I call this one "Smoked Fuchsia."  The name is inspired by one of my new favorite spices: Smoked Paprika.

Another example of the difference between rayon and silk, one took the black as more charcoal and the other one went brown.  Very interesting.  I call this one "Cool Strata" and the short skirt is sold.

This is a favorite color combination, I call it "Spice" just because it's vivid and vibrant and that's what spice does to food.  Now I'm wishing I'd just called it "Vibrant" but the tags are already made.

I call this one "Blaze" because it reminds me a bit of a forest fire with a smokey sky.  It's orange, red into purple with charcoal gray.

I call it "Autumn" of course, I really love how that olive turned out on the Rayon, on the silk it went more taupe.

This one is "Jasper" with the graded strata of chocolate and olive.  The purse is sold.

There are more but I sold parts from them before proper photos were taken.  A while back I dyed up some skirts for the "Art of a Woman" project and I wear many of those skirts still.  It is not uncommon for me to get stopped by a stranger to compliment my skirt.  And a number of my friends encouraged me to make them available for sale.  So, I have and I'm really pleased with the response so far.  They are now in a local gallery, I sold two skirts and two scarves when I took in samples for approval.  Then as I was putting them on the display rack a short skirt sold and since then a bag sold.  It's been less than a week since they've been in the gallery, we will see how it goes.

I think "Bluebird" is my favorite, which one is yours?

Happy Creating,
Carmen Rose


  1. You could have called "Spice" "Bekki" and it would have been just as accurate. I love that one. So beautiful I'm impressed.

  2. I love.Love.LOVE these, Carmen! My favorite pieces are the long skirts but I can't pick a favorite colorway...I am so torn between Autum and Violet Blossom! Beautiful work, as usual.

  3. Ooh these are LOVELY! That violet and lime one is striking!

  4. These are so pretty. I love the color pallets you've created.


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