Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh, this is FUN!

I've been in the jewelry studio again, this time playing with buttons from my grandmother.

There are a variety of earthy colored buttons in this piece, some chinese jasper and some apple green turquoise accents.

I made polymer clay beads in apple green, pale pink and rich purple. 

Hanging from the vintage buttons are these cool old keys, a washer and a nut with some vintage buttons and the polymer clay beads I made.

I finished up this set with earrings with key and washer, accented with Chinese Jasper and Apple Green Turquoise and a swirled polymer clay bead.

I wore this one to work.  I walked in and one of the guys noticed it right off.  "That's pretty cool" was his response.  This one will get attention anywhere it is worn.

Happy Creating!
-Carmen Rose

1 comment:

  1. Cool Carmen! LuuuuuV It! BTW - I have some yummy salad dressing for you from the Sugarloaf Art Show ... White Nectarine Lavender Vinaigrette


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