Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Freedom Quilt progress plus

Well hello there!
Glad you dropped by!
I was looking at the photo of the quilt I lost in the divorce and found myself comparing it to the one I'm working on to replace it.
Back in the days when I made the double wedding ring, I was stuck using commercial fabrics greatly limited by the color selection available at the time. I went to lots of different stores to find those fabrics and had piece after piece after piece cut at the counter. These days I buy it by the bolt and cut it myself and dye whatever color I want. I must say, this is a VAST improvement. All those prissy little calicos, I did think they were pretty at the time. Tastes change, but my favorite colors have remained the same.  Look how consistent those colors are, the only addition is that delicious mojito mint/lime green!  Yum Yum!
Of course the Freedom Quilt has a little wild thang in it. 
A friend of mine tells me that donkeys and zebras are closely related, that in some places they are called (translated) "Stripey Donkeys."
I guess it's not too hard to see why.  
The only difference is that donkeys can be domesticated, zebras can not.  

They have been
And will always be 
He he!
Plus, they don't take themselves too seriously!

I think the wild and not-too-serious zebra is a perfect addition to my Freedom Quilt!

Color remains the one true love of my life, color has never despised or neglected me.  
It's true, color has been gladly faithful all these years and I remain a student of its many wonders. 

The very undomesticated, 
-Carmen Rose

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  1. I love your freedom quilt Carmen! Here is to letting all of your colors shine!


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