Thursday, March 24, 2011

Playing Catch Up

My computer became seriously ill a while back and I finally took it to the hospital to see if it could be restored.  My genius computer friend worked miracles but warned that next time it does that... will likely be the last time. 

Did you know you shouldn't really watch DVD movies on a laptop?  It tends to overheat and fry bits on the inside.   Well, especially if you have a Yorkie worth of dog hair trapped inside.  I no longer live with my two border collies, so I shouldn't have that problem anymore. 

I've been in the studio making things, sometimes not really even taking the time for photos.  So I hope to catch up here when I get the chance and show you some of the things coming out of Studio Nine these days.

It doesn't seem right to create a post with no photographs, so here's one.  Chocolate chip cookie covered OREO!  Yeah, I had ONE of those for dinner one evening this week.  Mercy, that was delicious!  I had the other one for lunch the following day, thank goodness I only made 2!  Yummm!

Happy Creating,
Carmen Rose

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