Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Color Play

When I finally got some studio time today, I started by ironing out my freshly dyed colors. All that color, what’s not to love? And when you look up close they have a variety of patterns (this is dyed white on white fabric) plus with the wrinkles in the dye there is a lot to look at if you get up close.
I started building strip color ways… a bit tedious. But thankfully I had company in the studio today. Our exchange students were working next to me in my jewelry studio making fun things. It was fun to see how much they enjoyed making their necklaces and earrings. And who knows, maybe I’ll return to jewelry making when I get a moment. Ha ha!
I sliced them and diced them and this is how they looked. I have paired them with white and a pale taupe, I love the white, not so sure of the taupe. But with the taupe walls in my room, this seems like a reasonable choice.
Sandwich it between chunks of hand dyed fabric? Naaah… not lovin it. I shall have a better idea tomorrow. Right now I'm toast.


  1. Love the stripes of fabric. Love the hand dyed fabric!!! I, too, may do a little jewelry making again some day!

  2. Yum! My kinda colors!! What fun!!

  3. Wow! You really worked hard for one day! The fabric looks so good and the strips are wonderful.

  4. Love the colours and the composition of the strips!


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