Monday, March 9, 2009

Impatient dyer

My project of the week is my sofa. Well, actually the project of my week is to host two international students from a local boarding school who are on Spring Break. It is good to have them here, I hope to pry them from their studies long enough to spend some time in the studio with me. We’ll see how successful I am at that.

So the OTHER project of my week is my sofa. Right now it is completely ordinary and who knows how many of these are all over the country that look exactly like this?! (Oy!) That’s my fault for buying one off the show room floor, I do know better, but the price was certainly right. And I knew I wanted to cover it anyway. I’ve decided to make it look a little more like me. It has good bones, that is what counts. So I have a dark blue twill slip cover that will handle everything but the back cushions, and I want to make quilted pillow covers dripping with glorious color. The denim slip will be washable, the pillow covers will be washable… it should be ideal for the two dogs, two humans and eventually three lil bitty humans that will use the sofa. Or at least in theory.

So I started dying some fabric in a pan designed for marbling fabric. (formerly a white pan, now a pan of many colors!) I got really impatient and wanted to see how things were going so I pulled the fabric out of the pan loooooong before it was dry enough to be moved. (rooky mistake)

Melody calls herself the lazy dyer (don’t believe it) I am the impatient dyer. Well, not that I can reasonably put myself in the same sentence with Melody the Pro… but my impatience IS legendary. So even with my learning curve I still have some pretty colors, and who knows, if I pull out the shimmery fabric paints, I might end up with something really interesting. Who knows?!

I love the exploration!


  1. I have the same problem when I try a new dye technique. I can't wait to see it! Looks like fun!!

  2. It looks like being impatient is an asset here! They came out beautifully!

  3. At least you got something dyed, that is more than I can say but of course it is still winter here. I think they look pretty good.


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