Monday, March 2, 2009


Whew, I’m a weary one but we got a lot done today. Hubby had the day off of school thanks to the snow. We ran some errands this morning, and came home with a gallon of paint for the bedroom. We painted everything; the trim took a number of coats. So we started out with this blue from 1975 and natural wood trim.
And ended up with a pale lime green with white trim. I had given a fresh coat of black to an antique bed we’ve schlepped with us each time we moved though at least eight houses now. I bought it at a yard sale well over a decade ago. So we’ve got that moved in and a new mattress. Tomorrow the fun stuff: curtains, artwork, linens and who knows what else. The room needs to be ready for guests by Friday. We’re getting a few international students on Spring Break. Should be fun.
Three little ornaments for the blue kitchen. These little stars are made from shells from the last time I visited the Outer Banks. I look at these and think of waking up to the sounds of the ocean, sitting up in bed to watch the sunrise over the water. I met an artist while I was there who worked in sea shells and I found her work inspiring. So after an expensive trip to the sea shell store I came home with a few ornaments and a box full of possibilities.

A few days ago I finished stripping the top of the table. I'll hit it with some fine sand paper and put a new finish on it when I get a chance. Oh, and I'm going to darken the legs and skirt of the table. When I get a chance.
I love these little details where the woods meet. Those dowel dots are just plain COOL!
Well, I'm due for a cup of tea and a little snuggle with a pooch on the sofa in front of the tv.


  1. The table is just wonderful and I also love the color of the bedroom, which we used in Dave's room which was originally our guest room. That quilt is just fun too.

  2. Great look in the bedroom. Love, love the colors in the quilt. All of it just makes the bed take center stage.

  3. Lovely! I have been pondering a similar lime green/apple green for either our kitchen or hallway. How fun - what an inviting guest room! We are having a student come stay with us for Spring Break, too... my girlfriend's daughther who's studying at Ohio State and needs a dose of poolside lounging at 85+ degrees. How could I say no? She's a real sweetie.

  4. Smashing -- and I so agree with you about the dowels in your table. Where do you get so much energy? You are amazing!

  5. Your decorating is lovely. Love the green on your walls. My favorite color and the color of my dining room.

    Your guests should be so happy with their accomodations and their host and hostess.


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