Monday, July 6, 2009

Bathroom Makeover

Before (well... we'd already started making the mess at this point)Everything was vintage 1975! There were various colors of green in this bathroom, from the avocado tub, to the multicolored floor, to the moss green counter top… and then the gold walls. Mercy! Instead of remodeling, I decided to give it a face lift. No demolition, no tile work, no big mess or big bill. Just a new look.


First of all, I covered this avocado tub...
...with this great new shower curtain from Marimekko.
And all the gold paint had to go! I chose a shade of green that would tie the other greens together and give an updated look.
I picked out a new faucet and hubby installed it for me. I picked up new hardware for the vanity. (Can you tell I have a thing for fleur de lis?!) We painted the vanity and all the trim in a lovely clean ultra white. I removed the hinges and rattle canned them white. Hubby installed new GFI outlets and changed the switches and recepts to white with white plates.
My hubby removed the old lighting and put in track lighting, with two pendants lights and some spots. I love how the glass shades echo the black lines in the shower curtain and the flexibility of track lighting spots.

I must admit to loving my new TP holder which is now on the end of the vanity to the right of the throne rather than on the wall to the left.
I like how the new towel holder works to cover up the intercom system a bit. Though I love having music from my ipod piped to every room in the house, I think the wall units are kind of ugly.
The "towel rack" is ready for towels, and that wall is ready for artwork! So I'd better get to work!
We were able to do all the work ourselves with help from my Mom & Dad who dropped by to help paint and re-hang the doors. It was far cheaper than a remodel job and we have a nice sense of accomplishment in the transformation.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I think you did a very nice job. I love the colour you chose for the wall, very modern and sophisticated. Well done!

  2. Terrific transformation! I agree with you, the do-it yourself jobs do leave you feeling wonderful afterwards.

  3. You are my kind of gal!! I love this redo. So much nicer than the original, not even in the same ballpark. Wow. And Again Wow!

  4. It is beautiful and looks so much better and great that it didn't take a lot of money to do it. Ever think of doing interior decorating for a living?

  5. What a terrific transformation! I love the green walls and everything looks so much more current/modern!

  6. Carmen, you guys did a FABULOUS job!! Isn't it so much fun!? And satisfying. I especially love the cool towel rack -- is that a curtain rod? Tres creatif!

  7. Yes, thank you, it IS a towel rack/curtain rod... which cost me what one towel rack would have cost and I wanted three sets of towels. (Adopting three children, needed to make sure there was room for all the towels. So I spent $29 for one curtain rod instead of $79 for three towel racks - which works for me. I even have towels on it now and they rock! And I'm working on a piece for that wall... Tis good, tis good!

  8. Fabulous and Ingenious Transformation!!!

  9. Wow - it's really gorgeous! You really have a great eye for everything artistic. It sure helps to be surrounded by people who know how to bring your vision to life. I LOVE the shower curtain! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great re-do. It's completely transformed and on a shoe-string (ish!) Very creative.
    Mary McCoin
    (adoptive mom2be of sib group)
    facebook: mary prado mccoin

  11. I love your pendant lighting! It really makes a difference. When you spend the time you can really change the feel of a bathroom.


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