Thursday, July 2, 2009

One of my favorite places

A little blog reading music for ya:

Remember my little bird bath garden inspired from this Spring?
Well, it has become our golf ball garden. I thought I had ten balls in there but counted today and there are eleven. I asked hubby if he found another one and he said no. So maybe one of the golfers is really THAT good. We live on a golf course and the golfers aim at our house on a 90 degree green so whenever hubby mows, he has to be kind of careful.
The plants on the back deck have done surprisingly well, considering I'm not much of a gardener.
Here are a couple tomatoes, some mint and the grill. I grilled a whole chicken the other day and inadvertantly left some of the olive oil marinade inside. It was a BIG fire in that poor little grill, I had to grab the bird while hubby doused the fire. I was really glad for a brick house that evening! Lesson learned, as much as I like fire, I don't want to burn down my house.
Misde is my sweet girl. She's a border collie and mystery mutt mix.
I can't believe how fast my tomato plants grew, we've got green tomatoes and it won't be long before the cucumber is big enough to pick. It's not a real garden but container gardening on the deck at least gives us the hope that we can keep some of it away from the deer. Our deer population is thriving here, so much so that they got the SWAT team to thin the herd a while back.
This is Hope, my border collie. She's a lovely creature most of the time. And sometimes she's a brat, but she's my girl.
I think this deck is one of my very favorite places right now. The other evening I wrapped up in a blanket and watched the stars for a while in the stillness of the night. There were some lightening bugs out and the evening was so perfect and peaceful. I love this place. It reminded me of the lyrics of a song:

I see skies of blue, clouds of white.

Bright blessed day, dark sacred night

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

Thank you Louie Armstrong!

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