Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Changing Seasons (And a Sneak Peak)

Wow, I have really gotten behind on blogging.  The goal is one a day, but the reality lately...  Oh well, it IS my blog, it's an opportunity for self expression, not an obligation!  So... how about another sneak peak from "The Art of a Woman" series.  This is Laura, "She is... a unique as a snowflake")  And there are lots of tiny little airbrushed snowflakes on her shoulders, arms and neck!  Branches from my dogwood in her hair and a lovely vintage necklace that someone gave me along the line somewhere.  The wrap is a luxurious bamboo fleece fabric that is just too soft for words!

And... if you put the lovely Laura together with:
Lindsey, Diana and Jill...
One gets the feel of changing seasons.

The Art of a Woman
She is... changing with the seasons.

One more coming soon.  The show is Friday, if you are in the area please do come on out and see the models in the display window at Oasis Gallery.  Oh what fun we will have!!
Happy Creating,
Carmen Rose

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