Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hope and Peanut Butter

This is Hope, she's a full blooded Border Collie and my nearly constant companion.
This is Misde, she is Hope's daughter (Daddy was a mystery mutt) and she was the last one of a litter of eight puppies. When she was very little and we were keeping track of eight puppies, seven of them would be together playing and she'd be out exploring somewhere out there... so we called her Misdemeanor. When I finally decided that I couldn't part with her, that we were going to be a two dog family, I knew her name needed some attention.  So she became Misde.  These are my critters.  I <3 them.

This evening I gave each of them an empty peanut butter jar to clean out.  
It's very entertaining to watch them, because they both really love peanut butter. 
The first challenge is to get the slippery jar to hold still.
Hope wants to stand on it, Misde prefers to hold it between two paws.

Then there is the very serious business of getting the peanut butter out of the jar!
And they do take this task very seriously!


There is a little left on the bottom, she'll get it!

Oops, got too close... Border Collie in protective mode!

num num num
Yeah, we save the peanut butter jars at our house, just so the girls can lick them out.  And once they've gotten all they can reach at the top of the jar, we saw them open so they can clean out the bottom also.  And don't worry, the animals and jars are parted before anyone ingests the plastic.  Cheap entertainment. 

It's the simple things,
-Carmen Rose


  1. Oh my two dogs would love to do this but with their short snouts it is impossible. hahaha. Although Ozzie has a very long tongue!

  2. How funny. I never thought to do that with our dog. He does like to lick the yogurt containers.


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