Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adventure of Mine, Part 1

I had the most amazing adventure this weekend. A group of us visited a mine in Amelia county, Virginia. I left the house in the dark with an amazing full moon shining in the West. As we left Elkton to cross the next mountains the sun rose in our faces and it was a glorious sunrise. We got to the mine early and began exploring the rocks that are brought up out of the mine.  This is John and Lisa of the Wolf Pack.
Waiting for the next load of rocks to be brought out from the mine on the big backhoe.
Wolfie and his little sister Lisa showing good rock hunting technique.  Such delightful people!
We were very fortunate to be offered the chance to go down in the mine.  I was so tickled!  I've got all my gear and am ready to go!
I've got two flashlights and a camera, and a self rescuer all on belts.  Hands must be free for ladders, three points of contact at all times.  And of course the hard hat, I was really glad I had it on to, I bashed into low ceilings a number of times!
Our tour was led by William Shatner whose name was actually Mark.
Shatner points out some especially cool rocks.  There were many different kinds in this mine but it is mostly known for Amazonite - the turquoise colored stone by his hand.
Wolfie checking out the Amazonite, wouldn't mind having a bit of that rock he's pointing to!
We took LOTS of photos!  Earl and Dan.
An especially interesting six sided crystal formation, mica books and a wall of Amazonite.
More walls of turquoise colored stone.
I'm doing my part to hold up my end of things!  It was a great group of guys, we had fun.
My camera decided to act a little strange (thus those weird diagonal lines) but the schrooms were pretty cool looking.  There is lots of moisture down there.  If someone pecks you on the shoulder it's most likely mine rain.  And there is water on the floor but my boots kept my feet dry. 
It was an amazing adventure, I'm still shaking my head in wonder.  More photos coming.

Happy Creating
(create an adventure, make some memories!)
-Carmen Rose

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