Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Lovely Adventure

I spent a lovely weekend with the Wolf Pack again, this time at Waterford Fair in Northern Virginia. It's a fair with excellent well juried vendors, all dressed in 18th Century garb.  I loved walking around and seeing everyone hard at work.

It's a power saw... honest.
And a soldering iron...
Decorating with porcelain slip.
Talking about the carved chair.
A chair maker, drilling the holes for the Windsor chair back.
This couple made pottery with basket woven rims. A really interesting combination of media.
A woodworker.
A basketweaver.
Hewing out a bowl.
He's cleaning out the inside of a gourd.
Spinning some wool.
Stenciled designs.

I really enjoyed seeing all the different artists and artisans hard at work, I loved the festival and would be thrilled to go back next year!  More photos coming.

Lovely Adventures to you,
-Carmen Rose

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