Sunday, October 10, 2010

Waterford #2

This was my haunt last weekend, selling jewelry with the Wolf Pack at Waterford Fair.  Wolfie is a geologist, gemologist and lapidary and this was his demonstration area where he showed people how to grind and polish stones.

This was before the crowds appeared and then Wolfie had his hands full doing this the whole time, or hovering as they gave it a try.

I picked out some clothing that I figured could pass as an 18th century inspired outfit.  I didn't get photos of the other outfit, but it was similar.  It didn't look too bad but it was cold and muddy... 

So the finishing touch of my costume were my mud boots.  I was very grateful for them because it was VERY muddy after a day of rain! 

Early chilly morning getting ready for the crowds. 

And another one later when I could finally shrug off the shawl without freezing.

When Wolfie wasn't demonstrating at the grinding wheel, he was selling.  Most of the time I was also selling, it was a busy busy weekend!

And this just cracked me up, 18th century guy with cell phone.  Across from us the vendor was wearing her jeans and boots under her long skirts.  Everywhere I went the contrasts between the 18th and 21st century worlds cracked me up.

This guy had the vintage looking top but the bottoms were jeans and a cell phone on his hip.  I loved his work, there were a few pieces there I would have loved to have added to my collection.  He's doing porcelain slip work, very tedious looking. 

 This woman pieced quilts on a tiny scale.  Her husband gave me the full pitch as she sewed and I was very impressed by every tiny detail.  They were beautiful in an old world, federal color sort of way.  I was very impressed with the pair of them!

The present and past met in a variety of ways all over the event, I found it all very fascinating.

This guy was an amazing storyteller.

He was great!

I loved the Waterford Fair, I'd love to visit again next year.  It was very FUN!

Visit Wolfie's website.

Happy Trails!
-Carmen Rose

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