Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adventure of Mine, Part 2

We visited a mine in Amelia County, Virginia.  The coridors had an otherworldly quality to them.
Combination of Amazonite and some other rocks.
I was amazed at the variety of things to see in the walls.
A variety of colors and textures.
Even a tiny little bat.
This is looking out from inside.
This was one of the smaller places we crawled through.  There is a change of ladders from the metal to wooden right there and it's tight, especially with all that stuff on your hips.
Don't go until the last guy is off the ladder, otherwise you'll be sifting down sand and rock on the guy under you.
Shatner was patient with us.  My turn is coming!
Looking down into the mine from one of the upper levels.
Squeeze!  Going down was easier than coming out, on the trip back up my pockets were full of rocks!
And then the final ladder out into the sunshine again.   Oh, that was fun!
William Shatner, our guide (otherwise known as Mark) was the last one out. 
Then we went back to collecting rocks outside for a while.
I found some fun things... maybe I'll share photos of the rocks when I get them all cleaned off.
What an amazing adventure, I loved it SO MUCH!  If you get the chance to visit a mine near you, DO IT!
Create an Adventure today!
-Carmen Rose
PS, thanks to Wolfie (Stuart Mercer) for many of these great photos - you ROCK man!

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