Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hurry Up!

The previous display in the gallery came down ahead of schedule and I was scrambling to get SOMETHING up. So... the "Whole" exhibit will begin with just these pieces.
And plus, my lovely camera doesn't always open it's eye all the way and so my friend snapped this cool shot. I love it!

The display isn't at all what I planned, but this part of the exhibit is in place for now until I can get the rest finished. And it's a good thing because it looks so different in a sketch than it does in person. I think I will need to spread it all out a bit more, it is a lot of color in a space that feels smaller than I remember... even though I had the measurements. So I suppose I'll tweak the plan to fit the space a bit better.

In the mean time... there is lots of work to do and I feel like I'm coming down with the plague. So... a bit of rest and hopefully I can get back at it tomorrow.

Only 14 days to go, are you the sort of person who helps make miracles happen? If so, check out my project. Your pledge would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Creating
-Carmen Rose

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