Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This is the coolest thing!  My project has just passed 50% funding and there are 25 hours to go!  A HUGE thank you going out to:

Kim Scales
Vonda Burke
Bekki Fahrer
Tony LaFienza
Dawn Wampler
Joel Wasinger
Jackie Kunkel
Angela Newcomb
& Sara
These dream makers have touched my heart by supporting this project and I have been SO touched by their generous hearts!

And look at this beautiful pair of rainbows from the storm on the 15th.  
I sure had fun taking a break from my work to enjoy these!  I took LOTS of photos that evening!
When I first saw it the rainbow was complete from side to side, then the second rainbow started to shine and the other end of it vanished.  Here's the last photo before it vanished altogether:

And thanks so much!!
Light and Beauty to each of you,
-Carmen Rose

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  1. The pictures are very beautiful.I remember when i was young we used to love watching the rainbows.Thank you for sharing!


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