Sunday, May 15, 2011

A "WHOLE" big Thank You!

I'm so pleased to thank Steve Betz and Nikki Ross for being backers #11 and #12 for my project.  Only 70 hours to go before the project ends.  Yeah, I'm feeling the suspense of whether or not the project will be funded!  LOL!
This display window for the show went up Saturday afternoon. Here are four of my 12x12 art quilts with some art glass.  The top one is "Buttoned" the second is "Set Aside."  The third is "In Pieces" and the forth is one of my personal favorites.  I titled it "Neglect."

It's really fun to have my work in the window, but since these works are so personally expressive it does make me feel a tad vulnerable.
Cloths pins in the branches hold notes that read: "A broken heart" and "A vibrant hope." 

Lower in the window the sign on the ped reads:

* * *
C A R M E N   R O S E

"An exhibit of art quilts, washed, framed and embelished.
Hand glazed art glass, found, glazed and fired.

An exhibit with a broken heart and a vibrant hope."
* * *
I hope this brings people in the gallery to have a closer look!
My project where this exhibit was born.

Still dreaming big dreams,
-Carmen Rose

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