Friday, December 26, 2008

Dying to Piece a Quilt!

The company that makes the glazes I use on my glass also makes a killer line of fabric paints. If you thin them a little, they make marvelous dyes. We’ve moved and I couldn’t think of a good place to hang dyed fabrics so I decided to try drying them on waxed paper. By the time I was done playing with the colors I had 26 pieces of dyed fabric. When I got up the following morning they were dry enough to set and I was very pleased with how they turned out.

Three pieces of plain cotton, I love the wrinkle look to the dye.

This was a white on white that took the color only in the cotton and not in the printed design. I was pleased with how it looks.
This pattern is more subtle but works nicely. I feel in love with this fabric when I saw it the first time because it looks like cornelli lace which I made lots of when I worked as a professional cake decorator.

Near the end of my dying I grabbed this piece of fabric and dyed sections in a variety of colors to see how it would look. It isn't a big shift but enough to count and I'm very pleased.

Now I have the bright commercial colors and the less intense colors that I needed to go with them.


  1. Carmen....I am loving all the wonderful colors that you have created they are truly beautiful. What type of paint did you use to get these wonderful bright colors?

  2. Thanks Brigitte! The brights are all commercial fabrics, I didn't dye those. (I was dying the lighter ones to blend in with those in this case.) But the fabric paint I use will make those colors if you don't thin the paint. Check out the product line of Pebeo setacolors here:


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