Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Project

I’ve been sketching ideas for a quilted piece that will go in my family room on the wall. The space is between two windows where I keep a collection art glass that changes whenever I make more. And it's begging for a piece that is 30 inches by 40 inches and it's going to need to be bright enough to hold it's own against the glass. I usually sketch on graph paper with something out of my color basket of markers and colored pencils. So here’s a sneak peak at the idea that I’m working with.

The base starts out with rows of colored fabrics that I think tend to look a little like grass. After that the four stylized blocks will hint at the word “HOPE.” Above that is something I’m picturing looking like an old rail fence. I’ll have to see how that goes but I like the idea so far. The fence represents the hurdles one has to cross in life, made better by a firm foundation of hope. The three stars represent the children that we are in process of adopting. It’s a reference to a scripture where God told Abraham to look at the skies and consider the stars. His children would be as the stars are. So I sometimes look at the stars and think of the future when the adoption is complete and they are finally home. Above that will be the “bookend” to echo what is happening lower in the piece to hopefully bring it all together. We’ll see, things like this never actually look like the sketch and sometimes the creative process creates drastic changes from the original ideas that gave them birth. So this is the early stage, we’ll see where this one goes.

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