Friday, December 26, 2008


The first one, way to complicated.
Trying another style... hmmm...

Try #3 hmmm....


  1. Gosh Carmen, I am so glad I got up early and read your blog. Is it possible that we are flying around in the same design field? I need a center design for the yellow quilt I am making and a star motif is the perfect fit.
    I am inspired to try my hand at the ones you have made and see where it takes me.
    Now, let me know what paint you used to get your fabric colored. Is it Jacquard or Deka or Pebeo Setacolor?

  2. I use Pebeo glazes for my art glass, so it was natural to try out their fabric paints as well... so easy and the colors in this product line are awesome as well!


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