Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Airstream Art Dream

I have a crush
On an American Dream...
Of getting in my Airstream...
And living free
untethered - unplugged
completely off the grid.
I want to start with an old one
and restore it with some personality.
Make it fit me, a little bit dignified, a little bit playful, a little bit fierce
Living space, studio space...
Free as a bird
Completely alone in a aluminum cocoon
(Well... perhaps with the company of a good dog!)
where anything is possible
owning little beyond the travel trailer and the truck that hauls it.

but living a rich full life.

A life that is full of laughter and wonder.

I wanna live that life where I can put aside their expectations...
and reach for something deeper, more honest, more real.

I just can't wait to get on the road again!
Happy Trails,
-Carmen Rose


  1. Make it real. Be happy! Don´t quit posting!

  2. I lived full time in a 5th wheel for five years, and it was glorious to travel where I wanted, stop when I wanted, find quilt stores and quilt shows now and then, create when I felt like it.

    Don't let anyone kid you, though. It's a lot of work to live that way.


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