Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Pianos Part 4

After a lovely lunch we found this piano in a parking lot, 
I think it may have been one of the most beautiful pianos of them all.  
This is Piano #13 on Grant Street.
Dawn was still going strong but I was flagging.  I needed a nap!
But we found a quilt museum shop, that's almost as good as a nap!  There I saw examples of Christine Morgan's "Sew and Slash" quilt designs.  Intriguing, I must try that! 

Piano #14
This piano was painted by the Root 222 group and it was Demuth Museum's piano.  There was a painting in our hotel from the same group, very interesting.  

Piano #15...
Was hidden away in the courtyard of a church.  You look at the gate and it seems locked... however, we were instructed to go on in anyway.  The imposing gate yielded to touch and it was a beautiful world away inside a busy city.  We uncovered the piano and enjoyed it's beauty.
Another beautiful piano!
Even Sara got in on playing this one, with a little help from her Mom.
A piano in a lovely courtyard sponsored by a Yoga place... inspired a yoga pose. 
Then it was time to visit the bead store!

(Do we know how to have an adventure or what?!)
Happy Trails,
-Carmen Rose

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