Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Piano Adventure Part 3

We found piano #10 at Queen and Vine, it had hand prints all over it. By then we had walked 2.5 miles, large and in charge!
Conquered another one!
Then we found our way to Steinman Park to visit the piano covered in pennies.
And to read over this guy's shoulder...
What a nice guy, really seemed like a good solid citizen, ya know?
This handsome fella stopped to play for a moment and we snapped his photo.
This time we were wrapped in a Russian shawl that Dawn picked up at "Building Character," a great artsy antique store that we stumbled upon.
We made mental note of an ice cream place with a great name: Carmen and David's Creamery... (With a name like that it has to be good!) that we wanted to come back and visit. But we wanted some lunch first so we started to keep an eye out for a great place to eat.

Piano #12 was at the bank under a gazebo on a picturesque street corner. And we discovered Richard Moyer again (who we met at piano #6.)  He assured us that this was the best piano and Dawn played flute with him again.
While they were treating the gathered folks to some good piano/flute music... I was chatting with the lovely Segway people. This is Bob and Terri Stauffer, Owners of Red Rose Seg Tours.
They were SO helpful and told me that the guy who put together this display of pianos was in London and saw the work of Luke Jerram and decided to bring the idea to Lancaster. They also told me that there were 20 pianos to start, one was removed and later on three were added. So that helped us to know how many to look for. They also told us of one that is hidden away in a church courtyard. We would NEVER have found that one without their help. And honestly, if you want to see the pianos of Lancaster, their segway tours are perfect! Unless you want to walk more than 5 miles and then drive to the ones that are further out... like we did. Find them on Facebook. They were very cool!  Next time I'm going to try riding a segway!  Doesn't that sound like fun?  (Yes!  Yes, it does!)
My very favorite photo of them all:

This piano at Fulton Bank was perhaps the best of the lot. We liked it enough to stay and play for a while. A few people moved in close, it was cool to see how people responded to the music. 

And then it was time for a late lunch!

More later, happy trails!
-Carmen Rose

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