Monday, August 16, 2010

The Piano Adventure Part 2

We came upon the next piano... Piano #6... and there was a musician already there.
I talked Dawn into pulling out her flute and joining him. So she did and they played a few songs together.
Which sounded lovely, sometimes punctuated by the sound of a loud auto zooming by. 
Then he was kind enough to snap some photos for us:
Richard Moyer, it was lovely to meet you!

Piano #7
On the corner of Chestnut and Prince we found a piano with a trumpet player painted on 
and keys and lots of linear bright colors on a dark background.
We got our photos...
And moved on south to Piano #8:

We were walking and Dawn happened to look over her shoulder and discovered this one in the sheltered area of the parking garage.  Piano #8 is mostly turquoise with architectural details on it, it has a nice sound and is semi protected by the parking garage.  We almost walked right past it.
 Oh we took the task of finding these pianos *VERY* seriously, can you tell?  =)

I'll be back with more photos soon enough.
Happy Trails,
-Carmen Rose

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