Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pianos and more Pianos... Part 5

I got lost in the bead store, happily exploring the nether regions of components with infinite possibilities.  The Bead & Pottery Works is a shop with an interesting concept, and we noticed that people came there to carefully work on their projects, paying for supplies and studio time.  I hate to mention it, but I think I have as much stuff in my bead studio as they had in their bead store... or close.  There was even a ROCK place downstairs, really cool rocks from all over the world.  We finally emerged from the wonderful world of creativity into dusk on the streets of Lancaster.  We were tired and hungry but we were headed toward our hotel and all the pianos would be more or less on the way back.

Piano #8 Revisited!
We were walking to our next piano and heard piano music on the street and decided to follow that sound.  At dusk the city starts to look very different and I hadn't realized that we were in a location that we'd been earlier in the day until we came upon piano #8 with three musicians.
They had a lovely sound with the three voices in harmony, guitar and piano.  I recognized the song they were playing and they played another and I sang along with them and Dawn brought out her flute.
Then we traded places and I played piano, Dawn played flute and the group of us sang together.  I'll tell ya, that night, sitting on a piano bench surrounded by the voices of strangers in harmony plus a flute... it was as good a place as one could ever hope to find!  I was in heaven!!
I wish I had asked their names, a lovely trio with such sweet spirits!

Piano #16
We wandered a while, we thought we were in the right place on Faulkner but all that was there was a bar in the alley... until we asked a bartender who pointed out a tarp shrouded piano, "It's broken" he told us.  He was right!  But that didn't stop us from getting the photo.  I imagine we were rather amusing to the patrons at the bar, but it didn't matter much by that point.
And... it's dark!  Good thing we had good flashes on the cameras!
I was turned all topsy turvy and was confusing myself with the map, so we asked the bartender who looked at our map and finally gave up on that and told us he had seen one in front of the library.  Which way?  He pointed and we scampered off to meet: 

Piano #17 "Dutch Wonderland."
It had a fairy tale theme going on...  a dragon on one end, some knights on the lower front.
A quick photo and onward...  It really was time for some dinner and a shower... though maybe not in that order.

O wait!  Here's another one!  Piano #18!  It had been skinned!
It's fun to play and watch the piano insides move behind the plexi.
Piano guts fascinate me! 
Another quick snap... Is that piano holding us up?  

We walked north to our hotel and after a quick shower it was time for a late (after 9 pm) dinner!  And what a dinner it was... more about that in another post.

We walked more than five miles, played 18 pianos, made some music, met a bunch of interesting people and ate spectacular food.  All in all an excellent day!

Happy Trails,
-Carmen Rose

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