Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Piano Adventure - Conclusion

Sunday, shortly after noon we visited Piano #19 at the YMCA.  I pulled back the tarp and got a splinter right under my fingernail.  Oh blast!  It quit hurting pretty quickly though.  It was a red piano with WMCA lyrics painted all over it.  We paused to consider the rain...
And to take a little more video footage...
And then hopped back in the van to visit Piano #20.  This one was under a pavilion at Franklin & Marshall and we got there just before the guests started to arrive for a birthday party.  I played "happy birthday" on the piano.  And since it was painted in chalk board paint with chalk provided... we took a moment to make our mark.
Including my little ad that I wrote on the back of the piano:  
" blog about visiting the pianos."
And of course a silly pose:
I raced Sara back to the van in the downpour and she won.  Girl can run!  
Felt good to run in the rain!

Piano #21 can be found in Reservoir Park, it is the farthest one out.  It is covered in duct tape, and I think that's a good thing since it was rather aesthetically challenged to begin with.
We used the timer on my camera to get this shot of us braving the spiders to play the piano in our own way.
Well... they didn't get any better looking toward the end!  Piano #22 was in Musser Park and was sporting a caution tape and blood color scheme.  I did like the sponsor sign and...
"Everybody loves beauty" that was taped to the top just above the keys.
Everyone loves beauty, it's true... it's just that everyone does not agree on what beauty is!
Thus concludes "The pianos of Lancaster PA."

That was fun... now... 
Let's eat!
Food photos coming.

Happy Trails,
-Carmen Rose

PS:  We were told that there were 20 pianos, and one was removed... then they added three.  Looking back over my notes I realized that I counted the absent piano as #4... therefore there should be 23 in this series.  So... we may have missed one... but if so... which one?  
Does it matter?  Not really.  
Just a little mystery in my mind.  One of many.

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  1. love your pictures! looks like lots of fun! i need a fun friend like you down here!!!!


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