Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kiln Glass Pendants

It's cold here at Studio B today, it is drizzling outside. It seemed a perfect time to curl up on the sofa with a blanket and my dog and share what's been coming out of the kiln lately. I ran out of bails and those will be here in a day or two, otherwise I'd have more to show you.

First, some fun news:
My art glass, jewelry, cards and dichroic glass pendants can now be found here:
The Museum Store at the R. R. Smith Center
Drop by and have a look if you are in the neighborhood.

There has been a flurry of activity here in Studio B to get ready for the Christmas holiday. Here are more fused dichroic glass pendants. I just love opening the kiln, never know what will come out! I've had this kiln since about 2005, I just don't understand why I didn't use it until now. But it's ok, I didn't feel like I had time with everything else I was doing back then, now I have managed to trade a few things around and put something different on the back burner.
Click to enlarge the photo for a better look.
I just love those swirls on the send one and the little millefiori flowers on the blue one.
$24, $25, $27, $28, $28
~ ~ ~ ~
That one on the right is really fun in person, very complex looking inside from layers of glass. The middle one also has the millefiori at the top. $20 each
~ ~ ~ ~
An interesting combination of colors and shapes, these are $19 each.
~ ~ ~ ~
The gold one on the left has a bit of surface texture which is fun, millefiori flowers in the second and fourth one and I just love the full range of colors in the third one on a black background.
$18 each.
~ ~ ~ ~
Small sizes for more delicate tastes, there are a variety of color choices here.
First four are $16 each, last two are $17
~ ~ ~ ~
Delicate looks and very affordable, stock up on these for gifts!
First five are $15, the last four are $16.

On buying from my blog

It's cold here, I've started to toy with the thermostat. I have eaten the last of the red curry, otherwise I'd have that for lunch. It's perfect food for weather like this, spicy and served piping hot, yum! And I may need to look up Melody's bread recipe again and get some going (excellent recipes there in her links to the right.) This weather is perfect for hot soup and great crusty bread.
Stay warm, stay creative

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  1. All these pendants looks awesome. Small sizes for more delicate tastes, you have vast variety of color choices here. Like the designs.


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