Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dichroic Glass Pendants

One of the fun things about working with fused glass is putting the pieces in the kiln before going to bed and programing the computer on the kiln to fire and cool. By morning the temperatures are back to normal and it is safe for me to open it up and see what happened while I slept (if I slept.) I can be laying in bed groaning to myself about the inevitability of another day, then think about the glass and suddenly want to jump out of bed to go discover what happened. It's always a treat to open the kiln door! I've finally taken the time to work out some pricing that makes more sense in the long run. So here are some photos of the things that have come out of the kiln lately, though some of it has sold and some out it is out at a local gallery.
(Click the image to see the larger version)
Six small pieces: A- sold, B - $16, C - $16, D - $19, E - $16. F - out

Top Row: G - $19, H - out, I - sold
Second Row: J - $25, K - $19, L - $19, M - $29
Bottom Row: N - out, O - $21, P - out

Top Row: Q - out, R - out, S - $22 T - $28
Lower Row: U - $27, V - $28, W-$20, X - $20, Y - out

The only two available from the above photo are the the first one in the top row: $32
And the first one in the second row: $30

The turquoise piece on the right is available $33

There are more coming, one batch came out of the kiln this afternoon and there is a batch that should come out in the morning, provided I have time to get to them. I have a number of deadlines this week, so I'm really trying to kick it in high gear around here, I'll post more photos as I can.

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