Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Out of my Ordinary

My Mom had a set of prints that were in her living room for a long time. The color faded out of them (the room has lots of windows) and she wanted me to do something with them.
So we took them out of the frames and I pulled out the watercolors. Mom brought out a pillow and some of the fabrics from the living room to match the colors.
She took photos while I brightened up the colors and refreshed the look of the three pieces.
I brightened the colors and added a few of my own. Mom made a comment that one day they'd be mine, then we both had to laugh because this sort of thing isn't exactly my taste.
We put them in the living room and took a quick walk around the neighborhood. When we got back we looked at them again and I made a few adjustments. Mom washed the glass and I popped them back in the frames and put the backs on again.
Brightened up and ready to rehang.
Now she has exactly what she wanted and I had an interesting afternoon with Mom. I'm guessing she hung them only moments after I left her driveway. =)


  1. Cute story, that was no easy feat. You did a wonderful job. I'd laugh too if my mother would've said something like that!

  2. what a great idea! i have a couple things i'm going to try that with... never thought of it.


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