Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Bathroom Gallery at Studio B.

This bathroom got a face lift back in July... I still can't believe the transformation! And I've been dressing it with artwork, little by little, ever since. I finally added a few details to it today and decided I was ready to share photos. So here's the grand tour of one vintage 1975 bathroom with an updated look and some cool art & accessories.

Welcome, come on in! As you turn into the bath from the hallway, this is what you'll see:
I made this quilt. Here are some of the stages that this quilt went through: Mid & Finished. It's all hand dyed cotton except for the unbleached muslin.
Turn a little to the left and check out the floating shelves we made. We bought a sheet of MDF and made them, they are available at Ikea as well but they don't ship them and the closest Ikea is too far away for casual visits. So instead of planing a pilgrimage, we made our own.
There is no window in this room, so the track lighting and the lights above the vanity are it. See the transformation post for photos of the new lighting.
It amazes me now beautifully this small painting works with the quilt. This is a piece by Melody Johnson and it's one of my favorite things in the whole wide world! (Her post about this painting is in her archives here, a ways down the page.) A friend of mine saw it and exclaimed that she wondered how Melody put a piece of my soul on her canvas.
These candle holders came out of my wood pile. After a quick visit with the chop saw downstairs, I had three. And I love it that one has a little branch sticking out. FYI, if you'd like to try this, make sure you use really well cured wood with no sap or bugs. Sap molds, and spiders spin webs and the combined result is rather unpleasant! =)
I collect fleur de lis, so when I saw this clock with the fleur de lis on the hour hand, I knew it needed to live at my house plus it is shaped like a clock I remember my father winding every night before bed. The poppy photograph is one I took ages ago by the side of the road when I took the scenic way home one day. I saw a cool old barn with all these poppys and slammed on my breaks. It was beautiful!
The little paintings are a series I did ages ago using fleur de lis as the focal point and working in all kinds of layered visual textures. And the rubber ducky is there because rooms shouldn't be too serious!
And of course there will be a piece of my hand painted art glass in the room - somewhere!
Turn more to the left and you'll find more work. The flash played tricks with the mirror reflections which is kind of cool because that way you can actually see the light fixtures! I just picked them out, I didn't create them.
These tiny little quilt has found a home here in the bathroom, I only very recently finished and framed it. Details here and here.
On the thermostat is this lovely little cardinal created using the limoges style of enamel work by my friend Judy Ligon. This little birdy is really something special in person, that's for sure!
And here is Vincent keeping my earrings and ring ready for me, what a doll! More of my hand painted art glass and a bar of soap I made.
That spot between the closet and the tub just needed something. And in keeping with my fleur de lis addiction, I pulled out this silver and copper piece I created some time ago. It's a bit big and bulky to wear, even for me. So I think it's new home will be on the wall rather than on my skin.
I'm very pleased with how it all the artwork works together and how the room turned out. Both bathrooms look good now, see photos of the facelift in the other bathroom.

Now for the rest of the house. =) Time to get crackin!


  1. Carmen, What a beautiful bathroom! You have given me so much inspiration. I gutted both of my bathrooms this summer and the last of the drywall was installed yesterday. I will be mudding, priming, painting, tiling the floor, installing the door, tp holder, towel hooks, etc. in the next few week, but I never thought about adding the detail finishing touches - esp. the art work. Wow do I have a lot to think about! Loved the little art quilt in the frame. Is it a secret how you get the look of it floating?

  2. Does this make you drink more water so you can visit it more often? It is really neat and arty and a great transformation.


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